Ten Things I Love About the Epic 4G Touch

AKA – What’s better in the new  Galaxy S II (Epic 4G Touch) versus the original Galaxy S (Epic 4G)

  1. GPS – Works really fast at getting your location even when it was off at first.
  2. Battery – It really lasts! Using Wi-Fi, GPS, and taking pictures still leaves something for calls.
  3. Size – The screen is 4.52” and the body is so thin it sits comfortably in a pocket.
  4. Screen – Resists smudges and it’s easy to read in direct sunlight.
  5. Startup – From OFF to ‘ON’ very fast.
  6. Weight – Feels like it’s barely there. [-] It’s kinda slippery though… feels like I’ll drop it.
  7. Kies air – This App let’s you connect to your phone using a web browser from a PC, and (if it’s on the phone) view pictures and videos, listen to mp3’s, see your call log, see your text msgs and send txt msgs; you can also upload them to the phone from your PC.
  8. Camera – Taking pictures it feels like there isn’t any lag between focusing and shooting. The Gallery is like the wind going from one photo to the next.
  9. Android – Yep, not a fan of Apple’s iOS.
  10. I have one.

There’s no physical keyboard in this Sprint model, but not to be missed much since there’s voice command which includes search and texting.  Also, the virtual keyboard on the larger screen works well enough.

Kwikset SmartKey Keyhole Orientation

If you just bought one of those Kwikset SmartKey products, you may come to find out that when you install it, the keyhole is upside down.  When I had this happen the included instructions were of  no help to fix this situation.  However, I read on the Internet about a tool that you need to get from the manufacturer (Kwikset) which allows the cylinder to be removed and then inserted back in the right orientation.  I called the toll-free # for Kwikset Customer Service and they sent me one for FREE.

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Mobil 1 5w30 Synthetic at Costco

Not sure if this is going to be the best price, but for a case of Mobil 1 5w30 Synthetic,  it’s $34.99 for a case of six (6) 1 QT bottles at a Costco in California.

Gas Safety Shut Off

Saw this on the outside of an apartment bldg. Some kind of gas safety shut
off. Looks neat.

Nice landscaping

I was out for a walk and spotted this front yard. Impressive. Had my
Samsung Epic 4G so took a picture.

3TA Sony’s BDP-BX57

Bdp-bx57-menu1Here's three things about (3TA) Sony's BDP-BX57 you might want to know:

First, this player is currently on sale at Costco for $229.99 plus tax and $40 off until September 12, 2010.  At this price it has more features, and is about $100 less, than BD models that came out a year ago.

Second, if you want this unit to output Dolby HD, or DTS HD audio then make sure set to OFF in the BD Audio Mix Setting.  My Onkyo amp was telling me I was getting PCM until I did this. The closest to the user manual giving this away is on p23 IMO.

Third, when setting up the Netflix access the unit asked me to use my computer to visit internet.sony.tv/Netflix  There I had to register my email and password at that site to allow my player to handle Netflix.  And then I still had to head over to Netflix on the PC to activate my device as authorized to play content from them on my account.  Somewhat cumbersome, but could have been worse I suppose.

Other stuff…

Since I bought this at Costco, it came with an HDMI cable as most of their DVD players do.  This particular model can be controlled with a free App (I haven't got it working yet) if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone.  If you need to enter text, you don't have to use the numbers on the remote, the directional pad works too!  For now I think this unit is a keeper for me; I don't care if it can do 3D or not.

Port telephone number to Virgin Mobile from AT&T

Just recently Virgin Mobile began offering it’s Beyond Talk Plans.  Since I’m more into texting and web than talk, the $25 tier was the one for me: 300 anytime minutes plus unlimited web and texting (MMS/SMS).

For some time my expired 2 year contract with AT&T Wireless has been on a month-to-month.  Originally I had a Samsung D807.  When the LG Neon was available for their pay as you go plan (aka GoPhone) I bought several.

Even though I purchased a pay as you go type of phone, at the time it was just a phone upgrade for myself and others on my family plan.  We just swapped the SIM’s from the old phones to the new.

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Costco Car Wash

I was up in Oxnard, CA today checking out the Fry’s Electronics. Right across the street is Costco, and in the parking lot is a sign that reads “Coming Soon – Car Wash” (Costco). I like the fact there are gas stations at most of their stores I’ve been to. Not too sure I’d wait in line for a car wash, though.

Sock Monkey at Target


If you’ve ever seen the Kia Sorrento commercial, I believe this is the SOCK
MONKEY in it. Even before seeing the advert it seems like something fun to
have around.

RedBox WB Titles Say RENTAL


For some reason, Netflix wasn’t going to have this available till late March
– and I wanted to find out about the ‘Press this button, someone dies, and
you get a million dollars’ – so I rented “The Box” from a RedBox machine.
Wouldn’t you know it, it says “RENTAL” right on the disc. Kinda made me
feel like I was getting less somehow!

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